SDS products

The SDS is not only available as an online test—you can also purchase paper forms and materials. Visit for more information about any of the products listed here.


Revised in 2017, the StandardSDS is based on the SDS Form R, 5th Edition (2013). It features a new Occupations Finder, which links SDS-derived Summary Codes to the most up-to-date O*NET occupations; and a new You and Your Career Workbook, which explains Holland's RIASEC theory, addresses common interpretive problems, and helps users explore careers and programs of study using their Summary Code.


Revised in 2017, the StudentSDS (previously known as Career Explorer) introduces middle, junior high, and high school students to educational and vocational exploration. The StudentSDS asks students about their occupational daydreams; their preferences for activities, skills, and careers; and their abilities in each of the six RIASEC areas and generates a two-letter Summary Code. 

SDS Form R 5th Ed. on PARiConnect

PARiConnect is an online assessment platform that allows professionals to purchase iAdmins and reports through one easy-to-use Web site. Through PARiConnect, users can request that others complete the SDS. Plus, the SDS Professional Report is available only through PARiConnect.

SDS, Form R 5th Ed. Spanish

Spanish-language versions of the assessment booklet, Occupations Finder, and You and Your Career workbook. 

SDS, Form E 4th Ed.

Designed for individuals with limited reading skills, SDS Form E asks simple questions about your client’s likes and dislikes, their competencies, their job interests, and their personal abilities and generates a two-letter Summary Code for each client.

Vocational Preference Inventory

The VPI is a psychological personality-interest inventory composed entirely of occupational titles. Although not as comprehensive as the SDS, the VPI assesses five dimensions that are not covered by the SDS.