Sample reports

After you take the SDS, you can choose to view the SDS Interactive Report and/or the full Client Interpretive Report.

The SDS Interactive Report is a Web-based, easy-to-use report that provides a personalized snapshot of your career-related personality.

  • Custom links enable you to immediately view job openings in your zip code and see the typical salary range for your recommended occupations.
  • A simple interface allows you to more quickly and easily navigate the various sections of the report.
  • A Summary and Resources tab provides helpful links and follow-up recommendations.
  • Your display can be customized to show occupation, field of study, and leisure activity results by match level.
  • Sorting and filtering tools permit you to narrow your results.


Or, choose the full Client Interpretive Report, a PDF that includes detailed, personalized information about you; your Summary Code; and the occupations, fields of study, and leisure activities that are right for you. A description of each of the six RIASEC types and guidance on appropriate next steps, the meaning of the code, how to further use the code, and additional resources are included.