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Recruitment can be a tricky task. The pressure is on to find employees who will not only perform well but also stick around and get along well with their coworkers. There may be a glut of applicants in your industry, but not all may be suited to the job. Even those who have the right qualifications may still be a poor fit for the position or for your company—but often, this mismatch isn’t apparent during the hiring process. When faulty hires are made, the consequences can be dire—time and money down the drain, and existing employees frustrated and angry.

The key to a good hire is finding someone who will be satisfied in the position. One study found that workers who weren’t pleased in their jobs cost the U.S. economy more than $4 billion in 2010, mostly due to lost productivity. Although future job satisfaction can’t be precisely evaluated during the hiring process, research shows that the correspondence between personality characteristics and environmental characteristics in job settings may be the key to job satisfaction and that, in fact, a mismatch between personality and occupation “leads to dissatisfaction, unstable career paths, and lowered performance” on the part of the employee.

The SDS can help you choose employees who are likely to experience job satisfaction, employees who will give back to the company by being productive, happy, and loyal workers.

  • First, use the Position Classification Inventory (PCI) to assign Summary Codes to any position or job class in your organization. This 84-item inventory can be completed in just 10 minutes. You’ll be asked to describe the demands, skills, and personal styles and characteristics required by the position; your scores will then be plotted to obtain a RIASEC profile of the job.
  • Then begin administering the SDS to job applicants to determine how closely their Summary Code matches the Summary Code of the position. Save time by setting up a group account for the online version of the SDS; using PARiConnect, which enables you to conduct all administrations and report generation through one Web portal and allows you to generate the Professional Report; or purchasing paper-and-pencil materials.

Making the right hire from the beginning is crucial. Increase your chances of choosing correctly by integrating the SDS into your hiring practice today!

Interested in hiring veterans?

Do you have a veteran hiring initiative? Many companies in the public sector are partnering with military transition departments to help get veterans back to work. The SDS and accompanying Veterans and Military Occupations Finder can help job slotting go smoothly, enabling you to place veterans in positions that match their vocational interests.