Career Transition

More and more people are realizing at particular points in their lives that they need a sweeping change, that the career they’ve chosen no longer fulfills them the way it used to. Some people are forced into new careers as a result of downsizing. And many baby boomers—10,000 of which turn 65 years old every day—are deciding that retirement won’t (or can’t) mean sitting on a beach but instead will involve working.

Choosing a new career can be an enlightening experience—an exercise in learning more about yourself and an opportunity to discover what possibilities lie beyond the realm of your vocational expectations. The SDS provides you with your own three-letter Summary Code that reflects your self-reported skills and interests and corresponds with a list of occupations matched to those characteristics. Plus, it produces an Aspirations Summary Code—a customized code based on the occupations you dream about most.

Don’t wait to find out which career will finally fulfill you—Take the SDS today and find your future now.

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