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Increasing numbers of service members are returning home from conflicts in the Middle East. Veterans return to civilian life with a set of skills that makes their transition to the workforce uniquely challenging. Sixty percent of returning service members say that finding work is made more difficult because they have trouble “explaining how their military experience translates to skills of interest to a civilian employer,” and 41 percent of veterans who felt unprepared for the transition to civilian life felt they needed more tools and support for their job search.

These men and women who have served their country need a tool designed specifically for them, an instrument that will help them discover the careers and fields of study they are particularly suited for.

The Veterans and Military Occupations Finder is a resource for veterans and active-duty military personnel. Used in conjunction with the SDS Summary Code, the Veterans and Military Occupations Finder …

  • Helps clients explore career options by linking military occupation titles with civilian occupation titles.
  • Matches each individual’s two-letter Summary Code to Occupational Information Network (O*NET) career options and required education levels.
  • Helps active-duty personnel—or those considering the military—to better understand how military career paths may relate to civilian career options.

Specifically, the Veterans and Military Occupations Finder includes two indexes: The first lists currently active Military Occupational Classifications (MOCs), along with corresponding two-letter Summary Codes, from each of the five branches of the military (Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard). The second lists MOCs from each of the five branches along with corresponding civilian occupations and their two-letter Summary Codes. Using this classification allows veterans to better understand the types of skills and activities they have honed while in the military and to explore civilian occupations that require similar skills.

An online edition of the Veterans and Military Occupations Finder, which includes select portions of the print edition, is available online. The full version is available in a print format. The Veterans and Military Occupations Finder can be used with SDS 4th Edition materials as well as with the SDS 5th Edition.

Interested in learning how your military service translates to a civilian career? Click on your branch below, locate your MOS, and find out!

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