Code:  ISC

Ashley is a 35-year-old psychology project coordinator at a large university that receives many government grants to conduct research on various health topics. She received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in psychology and has worked part-time as a research assistant on various grant-funded projects throughout her time at school. After graduate school, she found a position at the same university as a full-time project coordinator for a five-year-long grant. Though this job was time-limited, other grant opportunities were common at this university and she has enjoyed working on several other grants since then. She completed the SDS, and her Summary Code was ISC (Investigative, Social, Conventional). Ashley is analytical, efficient, and detail-oriented in her work, but she also enjoys working cooperatively with others. Her SDS results show all the positive signs of predictability: She has a stable career and manifests the personality traits, values, and aptitudes implied by the SDS data.