Code:  IRE

Grant is a 41-year-old male research supervisor who has worked in the same large diversified manufacturing corporation for 14 years. He majored in chemistry and got his PhD in inorganic chemistry. He received top grades as an undergraduate and a graduate student. At age 26, he took the SDS and received a Summary Code of IRA (Investigative, Realistic, Artistic). Grant was hired by his company out of college as a research chemist (an IRE occupation) and received frequent salary increases and bonuses for the high quality of his work. At ages 32 and 41, he retook the SDS; his Summary Code was IRE both times, indicating that his interests and aspirations have changed little over time. His SDS results show all the positive signs of predictability: He has a stable career and manifests the personality traits, values, and aptitudes implied by the SDS data. Most important, Grant currently reports being “very satisfied” with his job.