Welcome to the first step of your new future.

Throughout your life, you have big decisions to make. One of the biggest: what job you want. That choice starts with the
Self-Directed Search.

  • The SDS is a 20-minute career interest test that asks questions about your aspirations, activities, skills, and interests in different jobs.
  • From the responses, the SDS produces your personal three-letter Summary Code, which corresponds to occupations and fields of study that match well with your personality.
  • At the end of the test, you get a personalized Interactive Report and a full Interpretive Report.
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No matter who you are, the SDS can help.

Students & Parents

Student life is filled with choices. Make the big one easier by discovering the majors, fields of study, and jobs that fit your personality best.

Career Transition

Sometimes you just need a change—and sometimes a change is your only option. Find out what types of careers are right for you now.

Military & Veterans

The transition to civilian life is challenging. Ease the shift by exploring career options and educational paths that correspond to your personality.


Add some focus to your retirement. The SDS provides leisure activity options you would enjoy based on your unique personality.

Your future is waiting. Take the SDS today!