riasec code
A for artistic
I for investigative
S for social
Ariel is a senior in high school who visited the career center wanting career planning assistance and occupational and academic information. Ariel has a great interest in architecture, but he was not admitted to his first-choice college, which has an architecture program. His father wants him to major in a field where there is a demand for employees and where he will have a practical skill, such as engineering or business. His Summary Code was AIS (Artistic, Investigative, Social). Full exploration of Ariel’s code is important because he had to expand his alternatives beyond his first choice of architect. Because there are fewer options in the A and I areas, he explored S jobs requiring high levels of education. Ariel also benefited from some creative brainstorming about how he could work in the business world in primarily “symbolic-analytic” roles as opposed to roles that require “in-person services,” public speaking, or sales ability.

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