riasec code
S for social
A for artistic
E for enterprising
Martha is a 47-year-old woman who is unhappy in her current job as a management analyst for a state agency and is concerned that she may be downsized due to reorganizations, spurring her to seek a career change. Martha has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and took some graduate-level courses in religious education. Martha sought assistance at a university-based career center and took the SDS; her Summary Code was SAE (Social, Artistic, Enterprising). Martha worked with the counselor to develop a functional resume that highlighted her accomplishments. She identified contacts at consulting firms she had dealt with in her current work with whom she could network regarding future opportunities. Six months later, Martha was able to locate employment with a private consulting firm, where she develops training materials and conducts training sessions for government agencies that are implementing new software systems. She is also being paid by a local church to work with its single adult ministries.

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