riasec code
R for realistic
I for investigative
S for social
Matt joined the military following high school. After two tours in the Middle East as an infantryman, he received an honorable discharge; he was also diagnosed with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Matt planned to use his GI bill benefits for some vocational training or education but was unsure where to begin. As part of a transition assistance program, Matt met with a counselor who suggested that he take the SDS. Matt’s Summary Code was RIS (Realistic, Investigative, Social); together, he and his counselor reviewed the occupations that fit his code. Matt thought that the cabinet maker and landscaper occupations sounded especially interesting because they combine his desire to create things with his desire to work with people. Matt decided to enroll in a local community college where he could begin taking courses. Matt and his counselor planned to meet again after his first semester to assess Matt’s progress toward his career goals.

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